Welcome to async_blp

Our goal is to create simple and fast Bloomberg Open API wrapper that can be used in highload environments. It allows asynchronous processing of hundreds of Bloomberg request simultaneously. Currently async_blp provides support for reference and historical data, instruments lookup and field search, as well as subscriptions. More request types will be added in the future.


  • Fast. Using asyncio allows to process Bloomberg requests simultaneously while creating little overhead
  • Simple. async_blp takes care of creating and managing Bloomberg sessions as well as of parsing responses
  • User-friendly output. Data is returned as a pandas.DataFrame object
  • Error handling. Security and field errors are returned in a separate object that can be easily inspected


You can install async_blp from PyPI using

pip install async_blp


python -m pip install --index-url=https://bloomberg.bintray.com/pip/simple blpapi